On Reading and Writing
excerpt from lecture
by Mark Spragg

Copyright Mark Spragg, 2010. All rights reserved. For reprint permissions, please go to Contact page

I am a man who has come to believe in the cultural and spiritual efficacy of art with the same devotion that others lend a church. I truly believe that good dance, music, theater, the visual arts, literature, accumulatively provide for us in the industrialized world something akin to an Aboriginal dreamtime: that is, a blueprint of what it means to be human, and more importantly, a template of how we might yet evolve. Art is, by its nature, an endeavor that can’t help but examine our bravery and cowardice, our triumphs and ethical disasters. Art, as it should, prods, dissents, questions and celebrates the human condition. Perhaps it only exists at all so that we may have a means to express the intricacies of our souls, so that we may better illustrate for others our individual yearnings, the grief and passions and triumphs that define us, and link us together as one.